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Social business is the new language of commerce. It’s helping companies build trusted relationships and increase sales through relevant messages across a wide range of channels.  It’s driving brand advocacy through communities and dialogue, and producing tangible, long-term financial benefits for banks and financial institutions.

IBM is leading social business on all fronts — technology, practice and policy. To help energize this journey, we are hosting a unique discussion for influencers in the financial community.

Boxley Llewellyn, Director, Growth Business, IBM,  will share IBM’s views on the “what” and “why” of social business.

Leslie Klein, Managing Director and Global Head of Marketing, ,Citi Global Transaction Services,  will illustrate the “how” with Citi’s industry-leading social media initiatives

An interactive panel and a discussion on Driving Business Outcomes will follow:

Panelists:  (Boxley Llewellyn, Moderator)

  • John Di Stefano, Director, Research, BtoB Magazine
  • Neil Katz, Distinguished Engineer and Director, CIO Security and Mobility Innovations, IBM
  • Leslie Klein, Citi


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