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Acquisition can help align risk management with analytics across the business and IT

With OpenPages, IBM gets to throw its hat further into the risk management ring, but that’s not all. OpenPages provides IBM with strong synergies around other IBM business opportunities like: 1. Analytics. IBM has invested billions and dedicated thousands of people to create an advanced data analytics capability. Now that this expertise is in place, IBM has an analytics foundation to look at just about any type of data-centric issues. With OpenPages, IBM can combine risk management and analytics products with its existing IT and vertical industry strengths for new product and services sales. 2. Information security. Over the past 10 years, information security has slowly evolved from tactical threat management to regulatory compliance controls. Given the global cybercrime wave, this is no longer enough — large organizations need real-time IT visibility and solid threat management analytics. IBM can combine OpenPages with the compliance management assets it purchased from Consul as well as its traditional Tivoli security products. If customers need help here, IBM Global and Managed services will be happy to chip in. 3. “Smarter planet” projects. IBM has always told a great story around “smarter planet” projects like health care networks and next-generation smart grids. True, these visionary initiatives can cut cost and improve efficiency but what happens to the smart grid in the event of a Category 5 hurricane or a cyber supply chain attack that makes 1 million “smart toasters” part of a global botnet? With OpenPages, IBM can now build a “smarter planet” while keeping an eye focused on increasing risks.

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