Cloud Computing is one of the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2012

As every year, Gartner identifies the 10 technologies that will be strategic for most organizations all through next year. And of course, cloud computing is among them.

For Gartner, the technologies appearing in the report have potential enough to significantly impact during the next 3 years, whether in business or IT department, as well as receive an important volume of investment or mean a risk in case organizations do not implement them in time. A strategic technology can already exist or be mature and/or become suitable enough for a wide range of uses. It can be also an emerging technology that offers an opportunity for strategic business advantages for early adopters or with potential for significant market disruption within the next five years. These technologies represent an impact on the organizations long-term plans, programs and initiatives. In short, these technologies will be strategic for most organizations and, as such, they should be included in planning for IT leaders.

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