When your computer sits there ... it doesn't have to just sit there


If you’re like me, you turn your computer on each morning and leave it on all day even when you might be out of the office temporarily attending a meeting or at lunch. And, even when you’re at your desk, you are probably rarely taxing your laptop or desktop computer’s processing power to any great extent. This unused computing horsepower could be put to a useful purpose, if only there was a way to gain access to it.

That’s precisely the idea behind the World Community Grid — a project that IBM has been supporting for several years now. The World Community Grid’s latest initiative — helping scientists come up with clean and safe water solutions — was announced today. From the story in the IBM Press Room:

IBM’s World Community Grid, a worldwide network of PC owners helping scientists solve humanitarian challenges, today announced several computing projects aimed at developing techniques to produce cleaner and safer water, an increasingly scarce commodity eluding at least 1.2 billion people worldwide.

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