The Future Of Work - It’s Data, Baby -

As the post-Web 2.0 notion of “Web Squared” (a smarter
web extending into the real world through sensor applications) becomes reality, we will see a proliferation of data. Figures such as Google Chief Economist Hal Varian are predicting that statisticians will be the hot profession as their skills are increasingly in demand. As suggested by Daniel Pink’s assertions on the rise of a right-brained working elite, the ability to extract stories from a world of increasing and abundant data will be increasingly critical to many industries. Indeed, the opening of U.S. federal government data at (and the appointment of Sir Tim Berners-Lee to similarly open the UK’s data archives) implies a new societal and cultural importance for data wranglers.
Consider this: IBM is preparing to expand its data analysis employee base from 200 to 4,000 — a staggering twenty-fold increase

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