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IBM announced Tuesday three IBM Smarter Analytics Signature Solutions that blend multiple analytic products, proven models and algorithms, and supporting services from IBM Global Business Services (GBS) to address fraud-detection, risk-analysis, and customer-insight scenarios.

The idea is to tackle high-profile business challenges where C-level executives and line-of-business customers want to move from being reactive to being predictive. “The emphasis is on outcomes, not products, speeds, and feeds,” said Deepak Advani, IBM’s VP of predictive analytics, in an interview with InformationWeek. ”We’re putting the pieces together to accelerate time to value.”

The three solutions—Anti-Fraud, Waste & Abuse; CFO Performance Insight; and Next-Best Action—might include a range of products from IBM’s vast software portfolio. An Anti-Fraud, Waste & Abuse solution, for example, might blend IBM SPSS predictive analytics, iLog rules management, WebSphere case management, and the IBM Netezza data warehousing capabilities.

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