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The Smarter Planet | Tumblr site launched in November, 2008 as a social media project to help people grasp IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative. It uses frequently updated, “microblogging” entries to illustrate how the Smarter Planet vision is unfolding across IBM and across the world. Sample the Archive to see some of the 1900 posts in this rich body of content tracking the development of smarter systems in healthcare, energy, cities, food, water and other topics. Or try the Random link for a serendipitous dip into our pool of posts.

The Tumblr site complements the main Smarter Planet blog, and now also feeds into all 21 topics on http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet via RSS syndication.

The site is now managed by a small team of IBM editor/producers from around the globe and all parts of the company.

Readers and followers can share their suggestions for posts to the site via the new Submit feature, or Ask a question.  Questions and suggestions can also be sent via email to smarterplanet@tumblr.com. Internally, all IBMers can suggest, recommend or share ideas for posts through Lotus Connections.

The Smarter Planet |Tumblr Team

Jack Mason, IBM Global Business Services, Strategic Programs & Social Media

Reilly Starr, IBM Global Business Services, Strategic Programs

Deborah Kasdan, IBM Global Business Services, Strategic Programs

Bill Chamberlin, Principal Consultant, IBM Social Insight Practice, IBM Marketing & Communications

Edgar Cardona, IBM Business Services, Business Consultant, Strategy & Transformation


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