Automotive 2.0 | New Models for Human Mobility


In the last 1.0 hundred years mobility was largely about automobile ownership.  The conversation now moves to the role of vehicles in a more complex mobility mix.  How must automakers adapt?

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Dan Sturges  is an integrated mobility specialist with a background in vehicle /product innovation. He’s worked with leading transportation institutions on hybrid transit/shared personal vehicle systems.  He invented the “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle” category.

Kal Gyimesi is IBM Institute for Business Value Automotive leader. The IBV is IBM’s think tank for publishing new, fact-based, business research.  His latest study is titled Advancing Mobility: The new frontier of smarter transportation.

Sue Zielinski is the Managing Director of SMART at the University of Michigan’s. SMART is for Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation. Her background is in Urban Planning and is she is actively consulting with automotive companies on new mobility strategies.


Jack Mason (moderator) is the social media leader on the Strategic Programs team for IBM Global Business Services. He is passionate about cars, mobile and video innovations and building a planet of smarter cities.

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