Baltimore Concert Venues to Try Reusable RFID Wristbands Instead of Tickets - RFID Journal

MissionTix is providing wristbands with built-in RFID tags that venue operators can read via an Android-based NFC-enabled smartphone and a cloud-based software application.

Starting in June, concert goers at two Baltimore music venues will have the option of purchasing reusable RFID-enabled wristbands instead of tickets. The system enables concert promoters to validate tickets electronically using a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled phone—Google's Samsung Galaxy Nexus—and an application loaded onto the phone that accesses a cloud-based server, on which is stored information regarding the tickets. 

The service is being marketed by MissionTix, a Baltimore ticketing service that is employing NFC wristbands, the codeREADr application and hosted back-end software provided by Boston media content company Skycore. Although NFC-enabled ticketing for concerts and festivals is not a new concept, MissionTix’ version features a reusable silicon wristband that a consumer could load and reload with tickets for participating venues. Therefore, individuals attending concerts at one location could have the tickets validated there, and then use the same wristbands at another place and time. MissionTix envisions the solution being utilized not only for concerts, but eventually by merchants, enabling users to load a prepaid account and use the wristband to pay for purchases.   


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