The internet of things: how connected devices can drive sustainability | Guardian Sustainable Business

Technology that connects people and objects with online identities is only as good or bad as the way we choose to use it

ometimes trying to predict the digital revolution seems very much like that old cliche of waiting for a bus. You know, you spend 12 years waiting for mobile to come along and then social and cloud arrive at the same time. That perfect, ahem, storm of connectivity – combined with the rapid adoption of smartphones – is changing society and shaking up business faster than any of us can imagine.

So imagine something even more disruptive: the social, cloud and mobile connected identity of everyday objects, or the “internet of things” as it is often called. Just two years ago, the internet of things was widely framed by examples such as a washing machine telling its owner and the manufacturer when it needed a service. Or the fridge having a chat with Waitrose (other fine supermarkets are available) when you’re running low on milk.


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