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This post is written by Rob Nail – CEO of Singularity University, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, who loves to surf and surf the waves of accelerating change.

Rob Nail - CEO Singularity University

Education is undergoing an incredible and exciting transformation, but I can’t help but wonder if the “experts” can’t see the forest for the trees.  We are continuing to see roiling debates from the likes of Vivek Wadhwa and Peter Thiel over whether kids should go to college or not, administrations battling technologists over whether they need to flip the classroom, and politicians forcing us to pick sides as if there were only two options – all the while missing the extraordinary revolution taking place around us.

The education industry seems to be tracking similarly to every early stage tech industry or product with big potential – innovators are coming up with new products (check out Khan AcademyUdacity, or EdX), early adopters and investors (like Learn CapitalApollo GroupKapor Capital, and Education Growth Partners) enthusiastically take the initial risk, only some survive (rightfully so), and the good ones go mainstream or even viral.

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