Deep Thunder: Preparing for extreme weather events with modeling technology (by IBMSocialMedia)

IBM’s high resolution weather forecasting and modeling technology - called Deep Thunder - provides a predictive capability to map approaching weather events, and model the anticipated impact. The system applies mathematical algorithms to understand the interaction of the atmosphere with the surface of the earth. Detailed risk assessments are developed using data from soil saturation levels, rates and flow of water run off, the region’s topography, as well as historical rainfall and flood records. Using historical data, sophisticated analytics software and ever more powerful supercomputers, cities can get extremely accurate and detailed weather forecasts for very specific locations — such as a two-block radius — up to 48 hours in advance.

With the predictive information, emergency response teams are able to be deployed close to where problems are likely to occur. This technology can provide longer advance notice of adverse weather conditions, allowing more time for disaster prevention. Rather than monitor a storm, we can stage resources at the right place and time prior to an event to minimize the impact and save lives.


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