The Internet of Things revolution: wake-up call for corporates and politicians

Why are today’s senior - and not so senior - decision takers, whether business leaders or politicians, so seemingly unaware of the fast approaching third revolution in Internet access - the Internet of Things?

It is probably because the Internet of Things is the culmination of countless mini-developments creeping up all around us. Among these are the ever smarter mobile phones and the amazing things they can do, the increasingly clever applications of RFID codes, QL codes, facial and gait recognition, tele-medicine, steps towards smart utility metering, Oyster card introduction, car number plate recognition - the list goes on and on.

Right now these are relative silos of activity making an impact by bringing new capabilities and efficiencies to daily life and business. With interoperable standards all these silos will be able to interconnect and intercommunicate. And that’s what the Internet of Things is about.

The Internet of Things goes beyond the millions and millions of machine to machine activity currently conducted via the Internet, with for example mobile phone apps. It is about the billions and billions of tiny chips that’ll flood the world over the next ten years. It’s about those tiny chips being programmable, trackable, findable, and uniquely identified, and with the sensing capabilities currently on mobile phones and more.

The Internet of Things is about the capability of every object - whether a toothbrush or a building - embedded with such chips to have a unique identifier, and, using its sensing, processing and communications capabilities to intercommunicate with its environment, other objects and living things - and, eventually ending up able to make autonomous decisions.

There’ll be major business and social ramifications, opportunities and threats as a result.


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