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While some are hoping for better software to reduce the need for data scientists, WibiData’s Omer Trajman thinks we need more of them. Better software, he argues, is actually just a tool to make it easier for data scientists to do world-changing work.

Data scientists are changing the way decisions happen by making better use of big data. Rather than finding ways around them, we need to make data science more accessible as a profession and need to provide easier tools for data scientists.

Kevin Kelly, in “Better Than Human,” tells us how the future is going to go down. As we increasingly automate existing occupations, we create new jobs in order to instruct and direct those robots. We build robots to take over the instructional positions, and create new jobs that set parameters and develop feedback loops. We build new systems that are flexible and dynamic and create more new jobs — such as data scientists — to analyze and build models for these new systems. It is obvious that in such a world, where static models cannot keep up, data scientists will be indispensable.


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