Memoto Is a Life-Logging Camera That Snaps a Five-Megapixel Picture Every 30 Seconds | MIT Technology Review

A startup believes people will want a photographic record of their lives, taken at 30-second intervals.

Memoto lapel camera

Remember that?: Memoto’s clip-on camera has 8 GB of memory.

“We want to provide people with a perfect photographic memory,” says Martin Källström, CEO of Memoto. His startup is creating a tiny clip-on camera that takes a picture every 30 seconds, capturing whatever you are looking at, and then applies algorithms to the resulting mountain of images to find the most interesting ones.

Just 36 by 36 by 9 millimeters, the inconspicuous plastic camera has a lot crammed inside. The most important component is a five-megapixel image sensor originally designed for mobile phones. An ARM 9 processor running Linux powers a program that wakes the device twice a minute; takes a picture and a reading from the GPS sensor, accelerometer, and magnetometer; and promptly puts the device back to sleep.


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