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In April, Radar reported that was moving to Drupal. This morning, the Energy Department launched a redesigned as an interactive open platform that enables information exchange, open data and localized information for citizens. The new uses a combination of open source technology and cloud computing will save an estimated $10 million dollars annually, according to Energy Department officials.

"Our goal is to make easier to use, more transparent and more participatory," said Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in a prepared statement. "This next phase is part of our ongoing commitment to empower consumers and businesses with the information, tools and services they need to save money, create jobs and find opportunities in the new energy economy."

The new is built using Drupal 7, the same open source content management system used at,,, and it’s the system that supported the reboot of as an open government platform. Drupal distributions are now supporting a growing number of open government platforms in local, state and federal government.


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