Welcome to The Customer Activated Enterprise (by IBMIBV)

Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services shares highlights from IBM’s new C-suite study: The Customer-activated Enterprise. Download a copy of the this overview at www.ibm.com/csuitestudy

In this video, she talks about an emerging trend around how CEOs are looking to customers to drive business strategy and better understand critical market shifts.

CTIA Show Highlights Shift from Systems of People to Value

IBM’s SVP of Global Business Service Bridget van Kralingen notes that the final shift happening is from systems of people to systems of value. Companies will find in order to engage with today’s people, the enterprise and its character are inseparable.

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Insights from IBM: Bridget van Kralingen, leader of Global Business Services at IBM anticipates overwhelming change with social business. Among other examples, she discusses how Cemex, the cement maker, pursued global innovation with 20,000 employees.