The wonderful Lydia Dean Pilcher,  my friend and consummate filmmaker (Darjelling Limited, Vanity Fair, Jesus’ Son)  has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish raising money for a dramatic teen girl feature film, “The Sisterhood of Night.”

The team has just a few weeks to reach their goal for the film’s $100,000 budget. I’m pitching in to this very worthy project today, and hope you will to.

Just follow this link:

Here’s more about the project:

When I met Caryn Waechter and Marilyn Fu, and read the first screenplay for “Sisterhood,” I fell in love with their irrepressible energy and their quest to find beauty, fun, and meaning in the dark edges of life.  We worked together on the short story written by Pulitzer-prize winning author, Steven Millhauser, further adapting it from an 80’s setting to our contemporary digital world.

This project has really possessed me as a mom of two digital natives.  I constantly wonder what will be our retrospective of our kids experience having grown up living on Facebook in a crowd, and launching the text generation?   And the wild west of the Internet, its potential for casual, breathtaking cruelty, and its capacity to hide a bully’s identity, all present slippery new challenges to this transitional generation.

Our film encourages teen girls and parents to embrace what makes each of us unique and different, and to use the digital realm to share, inspire and create.

Please check out our Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a site for people who like to “fund and follow creativity.” The way it works is that if the project doesn’t reach its goal we won’t get any of what’s pledged…please click on the link  to read more and watch our 2 minute video — and please contribute if you can, whatever you can, (you get rewards for doing it!) and feel free to share wildly.

It takes less then a minute to donate, use your amazon account, and every dollar is a vote for the creative spirit! With our Kickstarter campaign, we are seeking to build a network to support the multiple platforms for the storytelling of “The Sisterhood of Night,” to raise money to start filming, and explore our ideas for ways of using the internet to build positivity.

Tap into your inner free spirit! Join us and and be a part of our adventure!