2045: A New Era for Humanity

In February of 2012 the first Global Future 2045 Congress was held in Moscow. There, over 50 world leading scientists from multiple disciplines met to develop a strategy for the future development of humankind. One of the main goals of the Congress was to construct a global network of scientists to further research on the development of cybernetic technology, with the ultimate goal of transferring a human’s individual consciousness to an artificial carrier.

[N.B.  Some of this is way out there, and breathlessly speculative. But from everything we know about exponential technological change, the world in 10, 20 or 30 years from is likely to be much more radically different than we can even imagine.]

So here we are. 2030. “The Future.” We control our computers with our mind — which isn’t beyond the realm of reason — and displays are built right into our vision. The craziest part, though, is the idea that we’ll move away from silicon chips and toward biological computing: “The computer you inject is more likely to resemble a specialized virus than a tiny silicon chip.” As for that mind control, don’t put on your tin hat yet.